Creating artwork allows me to express myself freely. I enjoy watching a painting evolve and getting lost in the process. Images develop in my head and I begin to paint. I use mixed mediums while applying many layers of paint on canvas creating a textured surface. I've always loved fantasy and it's captured in my work. From teaching art classes to painting murals and theater sets, art has always played a major role in my life. 

My work has been displayed in art galleries, hotels and in businesses throughout North America and sold internationally. I've designed CD covers for musical artists, I provide artwork for Universal Studios movie sets, my work has been seen on HGTV, TLC and I work with professional interior decorators who have used my artwork in their designs.  

I teach art because I believe art is meant to be shared and enjoyed.  People are always inspiring in their own way.  I believe everyone can paint.....Even if they aren't aware of it yet. 

Nancy Quiaoit 


​Residing in Galt, California

About The Artist